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A Vintage Love Story By Miss Anna Amour

Starring You

You love vintage glamour. You dream of captivating hearts like a 1950s Hollywood starlet; of seducing lovers like a classic femme fatale. You long to indulge your inner pinup; to inspire desire and envy in all who set eyes on your provocative presence. Your soul sings in celebration of a retro aesthetic, a profusion of provocative feminine wiles, which you seek to express through the theatre of your attire; a siren call to your bewitched admirers. All the world’s a stage, and you’re the Starlet. Let your love story begin, as I welcome you to the Internet’s best kept secret in vintage clothing: Starlet Vintage.

You’ll struggle to keep this glorious little find to yourself, as envious friends enquire as to just where you found such a unique vintage dress, and you feel compelled to share your gorgeousness across the social media realm for all to admire. Your Starlet look will refuse to reside outside of the limelight. So, seasoned vintage fashionistas, dive straight in and find your favourite 1940s dresses and 1950s dress styles by the finest British retro-repro designers, including Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen, Hearts and Roses London, Banned, Collectif and more. Vintage-virgins, dip your toe in to discover delectable 1920s, 1930s and 1950s fashion with all the trimmings. I cherry-pick the crème -de-la-crème of each season’s rockabilly and retro clothing for you to nurture your blossoming love of vintage fashion. But, be warned: Starlet has the power to turn shrinking violets into limelight-loving, hell-raising roses, entirely without apology, for all to envy and admire.

My name is Miss Anna Amour. Welcome to my love affair with the glorious glamour of 20th century vintage fashion. My mission is to inspire you to break hearts and not the bank - believing that it needn’t cost the earth to look celestial - and to spur to you celebrate your femininity whether you wield a Wonderbra or a Bullet Bra - knowing that beauty always transcends tag size. Starlet is the lovechild of a decade in the alternative fashion scene and a life-long love affair with the essence of retro feminine glamour: a dream of capturing that essence in sartorial form, of arming empowered women with an arsenal of prime vintage style fashion, calling you to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, with reassuringly rare and seductive styles.

Starlet brings you style with substance, and coquettishness with character, and I take great delight in sharing my passion with you in my inimitable blog and through a dizzying array of social media. Join me on impassioned journeys into yesteryear’s aesthetic. Expand your own sartorial horizons, taking vintage inspiration from heroines of film, art and couture, to breathe authentic life into your retro look. Roll-up, roll-up and read all about our latest news and collections on Twitter, feast your eyes on our Pinterest and Instragram artistry, and strike it lucky in our fabulous Facebook competitions. I curate collections and orchestrate orders with your complete satisfaction in mind. When you place your order you’ll enjoy an online shopping experience that’s second to none. Starlet is an intimate boutique that heralds “customer as queen”. Our dedicated team will personally take care of your entire order from initial enquiry to secure delivery, proud to provide old fashioned customer service in the digital age. Just one look at our marketplace feedback and you’ll understand the delight of our 100,000+ valued customers! So add this page to your favourites, and join our newsletter to stay ahead of the curve in the 21st century retro revival. Join me in a vintage love affair on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Instagram and more, and share your adventures in vintage. And of course, shop to your beautiful heart’s content in this beatific retro boutique: Starlet Vintage.

Starlet Vintage


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