Irregular Choice | Irregular Choice Shoes UK | Starlet Vintage

Irregular Choice | Irregular Choice Shoes UK | Starlet Vintage

Irregular Choice shoes challenge you to "Recapture the freedom that eloped with your youth" with their whimsical, unique and utterly dreamy designs.

In 1999 design virtuoso, Dan Sullivan, started a vision, to create critically-unique shoes that stand out from the crowd, incite pride, and inspire footwear fantasies. The fantabulous collection that you see before you is the culmination of that vision. We implore you to feast your eyes and take your pick, for your dream shoes await you?

Let Irregular Choice shoes bring your own unique fashion vision to life. These quirky kicks pack enough punch to dictate and dominate your entire look with their striking colours, kooky fabrics and key statement features. From embellished heels, ornate wooden carvings, tiny intricate charms and lavish fabrics, to the memorable colour combinations, there is an Irregular Choice shoes for everyone, for every occasion.

Dan's 1970s punk influences fearlessly translate into shoes that are entirely unique and can't be found anywhere else. That's what makes Irregular Choice designs completely unique and truthful, and that's why loyal fans gravitate towards these ground-breaking shoes, knowing that their own choice is not just a piece of artwork, but also a piece of fashion history.

So if you want your shoes to tell your story, to elevate your look and to set tongues wagging, simply make your Irregular Choice, and recapture that freedom as you prepare to be swept off your feet.

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