Whispering Ivy Dresses | Whispering Ivy Clothing UK | Starlet Vintage

Whispering Ivy Dresses | Whispering Ivy Clothing UK | Starlet Vintage

Whispering Ivy is the debutante brand that's fast laying down roots in the British vintage fashion scene.

This London based designer is converting followers faster than a summer-time love-cult! Discerning vintage fashionistas love their authentic 1950s lines, taken directly from genuine Fifties patterns, and their lovely floral prints, so lavish that they'd put Kew Gardens to shame. Why not join the frontier of retro fashion lovers who are embracing this fabulous new brand, and enjoy the compliments that come rushing in, as your friends clamour to know where you found your amazingly unique Fifties style dress. Will you share your secret and let the world in on your discovery as you post photos of yourself in your Whispering Ivy dress on Facebook and Instagram, or will you be keeping this little gem to yourself?

Whispering Ivy focus on a pure and untainted vintage aesthetic, and set out to bring you true and authentic vintage reproductions. Whispering Ivy's original design features and credible cuts are your ticket to new-vintage, as you enjoy the nostalgia and romance of vintage dressing without the stress of alterations and adjustments. Instead, let Whispering Ivy whisk you back in time, and transform your prom or party into a scene from the 1950s. Pin up your hair and slick on your racy red lipstick, and incite envy and admiration in your vintage style party dress.

The diverse range devised by these masters of vintage reproduction means that Whispering Ivy dresses work for rockabilly gals, pinup princesses and 1950s dancefloor jive queens alike, and what they all have in common is an imbued Twentieth Century passion and a superb standard of quality, offered here at a truly irresistible price. So the question remains, what?s stopping you from diving in and indulging your new found love of Whispering Ivy?

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