1940s Shoes | Vintage 40s Shoes | Starlet Vintage

1940s Shoes | Vintage 40s Shoes | Starlet Vintage

1940s Style Shoes - Authenticate your wartime look with the perfect finishing touch, new 1940s style shoes.

Immerse yourself in 1940s enchantment, as you peruse Starlet Vintage's hand-picked 1940s shoes collection and ready yourself for a treat when you buy online with ease. Emit vintage WW2 glory from head to toe, as you team your demure 1940s tea dresses with a complimentary pair of 40s style shoes.

Let these nostalgic Forties shoes sweep you back to this modest era, as you slip your feet into a pair of classic lace-up Oxfords, slip-on pumps, sling backs or the new looks of the decade: wedges and summery espadrilles.

Remaining true to the prudent essence of the era, 1940s style shoes incorporate fabrics and reptiles skins in the place of short-supply leather, and tapping into the wartime Zeitgeist, basic colours such as brown, black, tan and green competed with patriotic reds and blues in cute peep-toe and Mary Jane styles in the summer.

If the urgent romance of young lovers and dance-hall courtships seduces you, then why not indulge your passion for 1940s fashion in your day-to-day wardrobe, and for that special occasion, party or prom with a pair of on-trend wartime shoes. Get set to dance the night away in practical yet feminine shoes, and authenticate your look with the decorative finish of the era: brogues. These punched-hole patterns epitomise 1940s footwear fashion, adding both pretty decoration and practical wearability that was essential for the dancefloor seductions of the time. Let these stunning shoes seduce you the way the 1940s women seduced her military suitor: with the refined poise and simmering passion of the covert coquette.

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