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1950s Shoes | Vintage 50s Shoes | Starlet Vintage

1950s Style Shoes - Authenticate your glamorous New Look with the perfect finishing touch: new 1950s style shoes.

Immerse yourself in 1950s enchantment, as you feast your eyes on Starlet Vintage's hand-picked 1950s shoes collection and ready yourself for a treat when you buy online with ease.

To authentically compliment your 1950s dress, select a pair of plain 1950s style shoes with minimal styling ? just make sure is matches your handbag! During this definitive decade, the dramatic dresses took centre stage, and shoes took a step back to a more supporting role. But what Fifties shoes lacked in panache, they more than made up for in originality, and the decade spawned a whole new range of feminine shapes and styles. Most notable is the conception of the stiletto heel.

To pack an on-trend glamour-punch, slip your tooties into a pair of sharp-toed high-heel stilettos. The shapely form of the shoe mirrors the sought-after hour-glass silhouette of this era that saw women wielding their feminine wiles like never before. Sky-high heels promise to elongate your legs as they peep provocatively from beneath petticoats, and the pointed toe of the early 1950s shape feminises the foot and ensures enchantment from pin-curled head to dainty-toe. For a little less height and considerably more practicality, the kitten heel guarantees comparable glamour in a more modest package.

For your more day-to-day 1950s look, enjoy the practically that the Fifties also bought to womens footwear, and choose from the churlish oxford-saddle shoes and penny mules, as sported by teenage girls of the day, and the dainty ballet flats, as glamorised by the era?s poster girl, Audrey Hepburn. These iconic 1950s style shoes offer wearability and authenticity, and will ensure that your 1950s fashion look remains as true to the era as your own sensibilities.

Modern interpretations of the 50s look are provided by exhalted brands Irregular Choice, TUK and Banned, there the inimitable theme of the era is given a contemporary twist with juicy colours and kitschy detailing that promise to vamp up your vintage look... indulge your footwear fashion with our cherry-picked collection.

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